Coast Packages

Take a break from the city to the Kenyan coast for thrilling and fun full beach adventure. Book
Mombasa, Malindi and Diani packages at affordable prices. Enjoy with your loved ones at selected

Hotel NameSingle OccupancyPer Person SharingMeal Plan
Neptune Village Beach Resort & SpaKshs. 12500Kshs. 8300All Inclusive
Neptune Bamburi ResortKshs. 10500Kshs. 7000Full Board
Kaskazi Beach HotelKshs. 6500Kshs. 6000Half Board
Baobab Beach Resort & SpaKshs. 15900Kshs. 11500All Inclusive
Sanda at ChaleKshs. 20500Kshs. 13000Half Board
Sands at NomadKshs. 27000Kshs. 18000Bed & Breakfast
Mombasa Continental ResortKshs. 14000Kshs. 9000Full Board
Travellers Beach HotelKshs. 16500Kshs. 11500All Inclusive
Leisure Lodge Beach ResortKshs. 9000Kshs. 7000Half Board
Silver Palm Beach Resort & SpaKshs. 15000Kshs. 10500Half Board
Severin Sea LodgeKshs. 9800Kshs. 8500Half Board
Seven Islands ResortKshs. 12350Kshs. 9500Full Board
Azul Margarita Beach ResortKshs. 7500Kshs. 6500Half Board
Bahari Beach HotelKshs. 11500Kshs. 9500All Inclusive
Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa Kshs. 14000Kshs. 9000Full Board
Diani Sea ResortKshs. 16000Kshs. 11500All Inclusive
Diani Sea LodgeKshs. 14500Kshs. 10500All Inclusive
Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach ResortKshs. 10000Kshs. 7500Half Board
Voyager Beach ResortKshs. 17500Kshs. 11000All Inlusive
Leopard Beach Resort & SpaKshs. 18000Kshs. 8500Half Board
The Maji Boutique HotelKshs. 20450Kshs. 15700Full Board
Medina PalmsKshs. 17000Kshs. 9000Bed & Breakfast
Southern Palms Beach Resort & SpaKshs. 18750Kshs. 11250All Inclusive